Liz Hankins

Artist, illustrator, healer and teacher

Liz Hankins

Liz lives in East Sussex in the UK and is a practising artist, illustrator, healer and teacher. After many years working as a successful illustrator in London, Liz felt increasingly the need to channel her creative energies into healing people and the planet. A trip to Australia in 1995 brought an incredible and powerful ‘enlightenment’ experience – a kundalini experience in which Liz knew that We Are All One and that All is Well. She remembered that she is clairaudient and clairvoyant and could dowse with her hands, and the realms of healing opened up for her.

Liz returned to England, immediately became vegetarian and trained as a Reiki-based healer and started to sell her paintings, into which she channels the healing energies of nature. Liz developed her care work skills working with autistic children in a residential home for children with challenging behaviour for 4 years. Later she worked at Burrswood Hospital for 3 years as a care worker on the nursing team, gaining more medical experience. Liz continues to do care support on a private basis and in particular end of life care, with an emphasis on non-intervention and naturopathy.

In 2005 Liz started Vision Gallery, her studio where she practices as an illustrator and painter becomes an occasional gallery where alongside her own paintings and prints, Liz promotes the work of selected painters, makers and craftspeople and also sells crystal and silver jewellery. Liz takes commissions to paint house portraits and also teaches watercolours from her studio and gives demonstrations and workshops to outside groups.

Here are a few of Liz’s paintings. Click on an image for a larger view.

Beyond the Church   Elder Flower   Dornden   Light Emerging   Grace   The Feather

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