Graham R Irwin

Author, publisher, web designer and Reiki healer

Graham Irwin

Graham has written and self-published four nonfiction books, details of two of which are given below. He also runs a computer software consultancy and web development business. He holds deep spiritual convictions (although he is not aligned with any religious group), and he understands his purpose in life to bring peace and harmony to his environment. He lives in rural Umbria, Italy, with his wife, a hoard of cats and their little dog, Barnie.

A Farm of Our Own

A Farm of Our Own: a spiritual journey running a smallholding is not just for farmers. Graham Irwin wrote the book partly to help townies understand some of the difficulties faced by those in the farming community, and equally to help bring home to heart some of the lessons learned in that ten-year once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is the story of a city-boy-turned-farmer and his partner Rosemarie’s attempts at running a small farm as a hobby, an honest, intimate, light-hearted and sometimes amusing tale. There are many mishaps – like the burning of two acres of soggy grass that should have been hay; plenty of amusing moments – like the antics of a sex mad drake and ram; as well as a lot of joyful times – like the dozens of births on the farm. The story ends with the break-up of their relationship and Graham returning to London.

The book has been well received in Britain, Ireland, Australia and the United States. The ebook version is available from the ebookshop.

Enlightenment for Beginners

This is a book for anyone who has ever thought, ‘there must be more to life than this’, anyone who wants to find more peace and contentment in their life. It provides a clear and concise introduction to a number of spiritual principles and practices, starting from the premise that we are spiritual beings first and foremost and human beings second. However, this is not about religious creeds and dogma, but about personal responsibility and choices. Covering topics such as reincarnation, integrity, forgiveness, ego, love and intuition, each principle helps to build into a comprehensive image of life. The use of examples for each topic – mainly fictionalised but based on real life experiences – as well as exercises with which to experiment, helps to instil each concept on a different level.

The ebook version is available from the ebookshop.

Member-to-member Services

For further information and to contact Graham, please visit his website:

Graham offers ebook and flip-book production, self-publishing assistance and web design services.

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