Dorothy Berry-Lound - ShannathShima

Spiritual healer, author, poet, artist and photographer

Dorothy Berry-Lound

ShannathShima’s main place of work is in the UK, but her heart is most at peace at her beautiful house in Umbria, Italy, where she spends a large part of each year.

She has written several books including ‘The Journey’ which explores her life journey as a walk-in in her poetry and art. ‘The Journey’ is available from the Fellowship ebookshop or on Amazon.

A practising Buddhist, Reiki Master/Teacher and holographic healing practitioner, ShannathShima is also a Tai Chi Instructor. She is particularly interested in the health benefits of QiGong and Tai Chi, as she has learnt to adapt to living with a variety of auto immune diseases and has seen first hand the benefits of regular practice.

ShannathShima brings this healing work into her poetry and paintings. She channelled the painting ‘Enlightenment is within our grasp’, used on the Home Page of the Fellowship, as a commission for a (then) friend Graham Irwin – now her husband many, many years later.

Some of her work is interactive, a recent self-portrait entitled ‘Final Descension’ has human-sized hands that you are encouraged to match with your own in order to receive healing energy from the painting.

Final Descension

Poetry is part of her expression and here is an example:


... that I can spread out over the mountain,
becoming the animals and plants as they whisper in the dark.
Commune with the stars, swing on the moon and
ride the energies in laughter.

... that I can feel the joy in everything,
flying like a bird, a beetle, a gentle breeze, a flower petal.
Dance for the joy of movement and
feel the uplifting of my spirit.

... that I can open my heart to all sentient beings,
entering rocks, crystals and even snow flakes.
Feel their joys and sorrows and
support them in their endeavours.

But sometimes I am so small and afraid.
I can sit in the palm of your hand,
so tiny and delicate,
that your breath could break me into tiny pieces.

ShannathShima also enjoys painting animals for example ‘The Souls of Cats’.

Souls of cats

Three more of ShannathShima’s paintings: ‘Dolphins’, ‘Sunset’ and ‘Move to the Light’

painting of dolphins   sunset painting   move to the light

Member-to-member Services

For further information and to contact ShannathShima, please visit her website

ShannathShima offers distance healing, publication critique/review/proof reading and commissioned artwork.

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