Danesbury Home

Danesbury Home in central Hertfordshire, England, used to provide respite care for patients with neurological and physical conditions, as well as a number of residential rooms. During this period there was a popular weekly art class supported by the Friends of Danesbury and QVM Hospital. The hospital is now a neurological centre.

Alan Brind

Alan is a respite care resident at Danesbury and through the art class discovered his talent for painting. We are pleased to be able to show his first painting here.

Ken Mills

Ken, a respite care patient at Danesbury, is a prolific writer and we are pleased to show two of his poems here.

Peel me a grape

Peel me a grape, wish me a star.
I’m so sad we are parted; I should be where you are.
As I look to the heavens, I can still see your face.
Why did you leave me, alone, in this place!
I need you beside me; I’m at a loss where to go.
Why must I keep going, must I keep up this show?

Ink spots

Ink spots on the paper, with words all freshly dried.
Is this all going to be a serious one; has someone up and died?
Or will the words be soft and silly, or words that spin a yarn?
Of creatures in the bushes; or cows and sheep out on the farm.

Maybe I will talk about the weather, a subject we English love.
Of clouds up in the heavens; with no thoughts of push and shove.
Of leaves so softly dropping, then pushed along by the breeze.
I guess winter must be coming, soon time to cough and sneeze.

Is nothing still growing, are there no flowers on display?
This weather has started turning, it’s another awful day!
Wait a minute can I see bulbs peeping, reaching for the light?
Maybe some things are still stirring, against this winters might.

I must try to keep smiling, there is always something new.
When the suns up in the morning, there’s always morning dew.
There are still some birds about, even the pheasants are back.
You can still go on walk about; you’ll just have to wear your Mac.

Viv Wingate-Martin

Viv has been a resident at Danesbury for several years. He has a great talent for painting and has produced many lovely paintings. Here we have one of his favourites, which some say is not his best picture – the rest must really be something special.

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