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Welcome to our Members’ Room. Members of the Fellowship come from all walks of life and have a wide range of experience and skills to share. Some simply wish to share their life experience with a generosity of spirit in the hope that these experiences may be of help to others. Others have artistic, writing or healing skills they wish to offer to others.

So relax, sit comfortably, get yourself a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or whatever tickles your palate, and browse our list of members. Feel free to visit the profile of any member you would like to know better. Take your time, and come back often – our membership is constantly growing. Where members are willing to be contacted they have given their email addresses or contact details.

The views expressed by members on their pages are those of the individual member concerned and should not be taken as those of the Fellowship.

Any arrangements between a member and another person (whether that other person is also a member or not) for the provision of a service are strictly between the member and the other person. The Fellowship cannot be held responsible for the service provision in any way whatsoever.

Dorothy Berry-Lound Dorothy Berry-Lound
spiritual healer, author, poet, artist and photographer
Jocelyn Chalmers Jocelyn Chalmers
profile coming soon
Danesbury Art Class Danesbury Art Class
honorary member
Liz Hankins Liz Hankins
artist, illustrator, healer and teacher
Graham Irwin Graham Irwin
author, publisher, web designer and Reiki healer
William Stewart William Stewart
author and counsellor

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