Information, Tips and Tricks

We plan to add more information, tips and tricks that may be of use or interest to authors and artists. Please let us have your suggestions; if we use them here we will attribute them to you.

Artists and photographers

FineArtAmerica – – is a great site to showcase your work and sell prints and other products using your artwork. Recommended by ShannathShima


The Readability Test Tool – – is a great website to measure the readability of documents and websites. It analyses a portion of text to come up with six indices that give an indication of the readability of the text.

Hints and help for authors considering self-publishing.

ISBN check-digit calculator for a 10-book allocation.

Unsure of where to insert hyphens in words, try


If you have any tips or information please use our contact form to let us know; please be aware though, we cannot promise to use all material submitted.

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