Benefits and Obligations of Membership

  1. Membership of the Fellowship of Authors and Artists (‘The Fellowship’) is open to anyone who is involved with art in any of its forms as a means of healing or therapy.
  2. The membership fee is in two parts: a one-off joining fee of £30 (for the time being this has been waived) plus an annual fee of £25. The one-off payment will be used for developing each member’s page; annual fees will go towards maintaining and developing the website, promoting and growing The Fellowship and developing further member benefits; the annual fee also includes minor changes to a member’s page, however more substantial changes will be chargeable. 10% of membership fees will be given to charity.
  3. Honorary membership is available to suitable charities and non-profit groups that have aims similar to those of The Fellowship.
  4. Life membership may be conferred on individual members who make a significant contribution to The Fellowship in some way.
  5. It is intended to provide more membership benefits as The Fellowship grows. For the present, members:
    1. have their own web page on The Fellowship site on which they can promote their skills, crafts or services. Members’ pages are available to both members and non-members;
    2. have access to members-only pages on the website and members-only special offers;
    3. have access to the members-only discussion forum;
    4. can promote their healing artwork or writing, associated events and the services they offer on The Fellowship Facebook page. Posts must be the member’s own work and should meet the aims of The Fellowship, not be gratuitous advertising or ‘shares’. Posts should be limited to one a day. Any posts that do not meet these criteria may be deleted.
  6. When posting in the forums, members are expected to adhere to the rules of the forum and to be respectful of other members.

This page was last updated on 12 December 2014.

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