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Our nonfiction titles include spiritual, self-help, autobiography, philosophy, adventure, country life, sailing, writing reference and counselling.

The Journey by ShannathShima

A beautiful book full of rich imagery. ShannathShima, a multiple walk-in, invites you to share her journey of spiritual growth and understanding. Follow her as she learns to meditate, receives the teachings of her guide, White Cloud, and is given her spirit name. Walk the path of the snow leopard, dance with fireflies in the forest, become feathers and flurries of movement, howl at the moon and allow your heart to be uplifted as you share her walk-in experiences.

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Writing for Trade Magazines by Kendall Hanson

The only guide to freelance writing for trade publications. Are you a business professional who wants to supplement a retirement income? A struggling writer who needs to add clips for cash? This guide to often overlooked writing opportunities is for you. Marketing, researching and writing strategies in simple language by a man who has published more than a million words in trade magazines.

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Enlightenment for Beginners by Graham R Irwin

This is a book for anyone who has ever thought ‘there must be more to life than this’, anyone who wants to find more peace and contentment in their life. It provides a clear and concise introduction to a number of spiritual principles and practices. However, this is not about religious creeds and dogma, but about personal responsibility and choices. The use of examples and exercises for each topic helps to instil each concept on a different level.

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A Farm Of Our Own: a spiritual journey running a smallholding by Graham R Irwin

One man’s journey of inner discovery through running a small farm as a hobby. This is the story of a city-boy-turned-farmer and his partner’s attempts to tame nature and come to terms with an unfamiliar way of life. It is an honest, intimate, light-hearted and sometimes amusing tale. In its small way, the book aims to build bridges and promote understanding between the city dweller and country folk.

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An Introduction to Self-Publishing by Graham R Irwin

A brief practical guide to self-publishing your own book with addresses of essential organisations. Probably in need of some updating but still relevant.

The Unsinkable Spirit: episode 1; in search of love, adventure and riches by Boris King and Shirley King

This is a compelling true story about a young family’s 20-year adventure, living out their dream against all odds. They set sail on a voyage retracing the footsteps of Captain Cook. They would gain riches they never knew existed – the adventure bonding them making them soul mates forever – a family so strong that even hurricanes couldn’t destroy. It’s about living your dream. Be prepared for this story to grab your heart and send your spirits soaring to new heights.

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Me and My Twin by Maria da Luz Alves da Silva and Claudia Pinheiro

This is a short story for children and grown-ups. With the help of her mother Cláudia, Maria da Luz, a seven year old girl, tells us through her own words and drawings, how her intrauterine experience of losing her twin sister in the first weeks of pregnancy has affected her life.

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To Live the Life of Riley by Elke Reihl

Based on ideas in the bestseller ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne this ebook offers an analysis of our reality which will lead to a reorientation thus creating a belief in, and an understanding of, the fact that every individual is, by means of his own reflection and his own feelings, the creator of his own world of experience and therefore will be able to consciously master it. The practical realization dealing with ‘The law of Attraction’ is dealt with more extensively and possible fallacies that might arise when doing so will be laid open. In an uncomplicated and easily comprehensible manner ways will be shown to shape one’s own life to the utmost positive degree, by proving among other things that our feelings are self-generated and therefore can be changed by ourselves at any time. It is the most expedient guide to self-help for everybody intending to live in inner contentment and fulfillment in every respect and thereby to be free and independent.

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Fire Through The Haze: a radical down-to-earth philosophy of life promoting harmony in the new millennium by Peter English

In this thoroughly researched book, the author reassesses what it is to be a human being. He develops a fresh and challenging new approach to the understanding of life, providing insights and inspiration necessary for wholesome change, both at the personal level and at the level of society. This book is especially relevant for those people who want to understand themselves and society but are dissatisfied with the outmoded concepts and explanations which are currently mainstream.

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The Adventures of a Tropical Tramp by Harry Foster

At the end of WW1, former New York journalist Harry Foster began a decade-long trek around the most exotic regions of the world. The Adventures of a Tropical Tramp chronicles his adventures as a miner, news reporter, war correspondent, diplomatic attache and part-time piano player from South America’s Pacific Coast to the mountainous Andes of Peru to the unexplored jungles of Bolivia and down jungle rivers until he reaches the Amazon.

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