Guidelines for submitting manuscripts

Guidelines for the submission of manuscripts for publishing as ebooks:

  1. The Fellowship will create, publish and sell on this website any work it considers suitable, from writers in the UK and worldwide.
  2. The author must confirm that the work is their own original work and that they hold the copyright for the same.
  3. Manuscripts may be submitted as MS Word or RTF documents, or as already formatted PDF files, and should be sent via email.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed manuscripts submitted for consideration must be presented as proof-read and copy-edited documents, otherwise a charge will be made for the provision of such services.
  5. The decision whether or not to publish will be at the sole discretion of The Fellowship.
  6. Ebooks will usually be published in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF).
  7. Ebooks may be of almost any length although the generated ebook file should be no larger than 2MB. Short stories should be combined into anthologies.
  8. The resale price of the ebook will be agreed between The Fellowship and the author. It should be borne in mind that ebook prices are often less than the equivalent paperback edition. In accordance with general practice ebook prices will usually be in US dollars. There will be a minimum price of $5.
  9. The author will receive 50% royalties on all their ebooks sold through the website. Royalties will be paid by PayPal in US$. Royalties will be paid quarterly provided the sum due exceeds $7. Any amounts less than $7 will be carried forward to the following quarter.
  10. Where it is considered that the work may have a wider audience, The Fellowship may also negotiate for the sale of the ebook on other websites with prior agreement from the author. In this case, the author will receive 70% of the payments received from such other sites.
  11. Whilst The Fellowship markets this website and the ebookshop it does not specifically market individual titles. Experience shows that ebook sales are much improved where authors actively market their titles.
  12. If you have an ebook you wish to be considered for submission, please use our contact form in the first instance giving details – do not send your manuscript.

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